About Archetype

We created Archetype to grow extraordinary businesses by operationalizing innovation.

Our Story

Our partners have great ideas to address needs within their companies and industries but limited time and human capital to turn those ideas into reality. Being a company founded by entrepreneurs, we made it our mission to build an ecosystem of strategists, programmers, analysts, and advisors who could create an elegant group of solutions to address these opportunities. This led us to launch our first joint venture partnership in 2013.

Creating value with our partners through both consulting and venture has uniquely informed our approach to engagements. We have grown leaps and bounds, helped our partners create immense value within their organizations, and our venture success has spawned a venture fund. Still, we approach each day with the same drive and curiosity as when we started.

Inspiration Wall

Our Values

Archetype’s values guide how we work together and with our partners.

Be an owner

We nurture and protect Archetype and our partners. We don’t pass the buck; instead we seize opportunities and solve problems. We strive to be the best brand ambassadors and think ahead to identify ways to grow our business.

Lead with positivity

We are energized by developing solutions to challenges. We motivate others with aspirational goals. We are present and engaged. We celebrate progress and support and frequently recognize each other.

Make rational decisions

We approach our projects and our investments thoughtfully. We build hypotheses and collect data to test them. We are intellectually humble and always open to changing our position, especially when new information is available.

Build trust

We [over]deliver on our promises to ourselves and our partners. We readily admit when we’ve made a mistake. We communicate transparently, understanding that speaking our mind requires balancing what to say, when to say it, and how it is said.

Stay hungry

We are powered by big dreams and a “get stuff done” attitude. We right-size scope and efforts to get things done fast. We take big swings, while recognizing that continual learning and incremental progress move mountains.

Plan, to enable agility

We build plans to achieve our ambitious goals. We design, develop, and deploy projects on a continual basis to make sure we are adjusting and refining at each stage. We move with urgency and purpose, addressing risks before they become problems.

Design with empathy

We seek to deeply understand our partners, customers, and each other, in order to understand unmet needs, both known and unknown. We address these needs with care. We design things to be used in real life, not in a vacuum.

Play as a team

We have built a team of all-star players. We share the workload and the glory alike. We teach each other and leverage each other’s strengths. Most of all, we enjoy the game.

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